Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!
Jenny has been sick these past few weeks, so
we haven't been baking.  She is slowly improving, but
has to be on lots of medicine.  She is having heart problems.
So, I am thankful this year to have her feeling better.  This is a
picture of her at grandma and grandpa's in 2011 (she's allowed on the couch there).  She is getting ready for her Thanksgiving nap! 

Here is Jenny this year with her bed in the kitchen so she can watch me cook for Thanksgiving.  Her meal was chicken and rice with some green beans.  She was sad she didn't get what we were having.  Did you enjoy your meal, Jenny?
"It was tasty, but would have liked some noodles and mashed potatoes!" 

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  1. We sure missed seeing you on Thanksgiving, Jenny, but we are so glad you are feeling better. Hope to see you on Christmas. Love you and your family so much, Love, Monie