Sunday, April 6, 2014

Skinny Jenny

As you can see Jenny has gone from being a pudgy pooch to an extremely skinny Jenny.  She's had a rough year health-wise.

"I try to close my eyes and imagine I am all better."

"Too bad life isn't that easy, but I do the best I can."


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jenny the Pudgy Pooch and the Pastry Shop Ghost

Here is a sample of my second Jenny the Pudgy Pooch book.

If you gaze through the window of The Pudgy Pooch Pastry Shop on a cool, fall night you will see a variety of spooky treats resting on cooling racks anxiously awaiting their arrival to the display cases.  Jenny the Pudgy Pooch was hard at work whipping up the spookiest dog treats she could imagine.  She had mummy pupcakes, spider biscuits, and frankenbrownies all ready to haunt the customers’ taste buds for the Halloween season.  As the wind howled through the streets of the town, Jenny pulled her last batch of goodies from the oven.  “There!” she said. “All my tasty Halloween treats are finally baked.”  Jenny took pride in the tasty creations that filled the fire hydrant-shaped shop.  “Now I just need to display them in the cases and I will be ready to open.”  There were several puppies’ noses pressed up against the large window looking into the shop from the street.  They were so excited to see what Jenny was putting out for them to buy.  Halloween was only two weeks away and all the puppies in the neighborhood where wagging their tails wildly with excitement.  “I’m going to be a monster,” whined one puppy.  “Well, I’m going to be a princess,” mentioned another.  As Jenny turned the sign on the door from closed to open the puppies rushed in and gazed at all the wonderful snacks on display while drool started to drip from their mouths.  “OOOOH, those look super yummy,” a little Labrador puppy stated.  “Don’t forget to take a flyer for the Halloween costume contest we will be having on Halloween night,” Jenny said.  “The winner will win a huge basket of my best treats!” she continued.  “The Pudgy Pooch makes the best treats in the whole world!” the puppies wailed.  They were so excited.  They couldn’t wait to go home and create the perfect costume and hopefully win the prize. 
Two weeks later, on Halloween night, Jenny, dressed in a ballerina costume was getting the basket of treats ready for the grand prize winner when all of a sudden the lights went out.  Then she heard an eerie noise.  “SCREEEECH!”  It sounded as if someone was scraping toenails on a chalkboard.  All of a sudden the lights came back on and written on the chalkboard where Jenny usually wrote the flavors of the day was a message.  “BEWARE!”  was written in large red letters.  Jenny’s hair was standing up all the way down her spine. “Oh my!” she exclaimed.  “Who could have written that message?  The shop is closed and I am the only one here.  Could it be a gggghost?” she stuttered.  She was getting very scared.   All of a sudden she heard a knock on the front door.  “AAHH,” Jenny screamed.  “It’s just me Jenny,” a little Dachshund was standing at the door in a hot dog costume.   Jenny opened the door.  “Debbie, I am so glad to see you,” she shouted.  “What’s going on?” Debbie asked.  Jenny told her what had happened and Debbie started to get a little nervous.  Then, they heard another noise.  “TINK, TINK, TINK, TINK.”  “Sounds like it is coming from the kitchen,” Debbie announced.  So with their front legs wrapped around each other they slowly headed toward the kitchen.  Then all of a sudden, “CRASH!”  A huge rack of bowls and baking sheets came crashing down and the lights started flashing again.  “WOO WOOO!”   “Who’s there?” Jenny asked.  “This is the pastry shop ghost.  WOOO!  You better leave or you will be sorry!” the voice said.  Jenny started to get scared again when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. 

Hopefully you'll be able to find out who is haunting Jenny's Shop!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jenny The Pudgy Pooch

Here is the beginning of Jenny The Pudgy Pooch, the first of my Pudgy Pooch books.  Enjoy! 

At the corner of Bark Ave and Paw Street sits a fire hydrant-shaped bakery called The Pudgy Pooch Pastry Shop.  Jenny, the owner, was known around town as the Pudgy Pooch and she LOVED to bake.  Through the large window in front of the shop hundreds of yummy doggy treats are displayed!  Liver flavored pupcakes, peanut butter drizzled biscuits, and beefy brownies were some of the town’s favorites.  Local dogs would spend hours in her shop drooling over all of her creations.
One day while Jenny was putting the finishing touches on a triple decker cheese and bacon flavored cake a reporter came to see her.  She walked in and said, “Hello, my name is Fluffy Hindsniffer and I am from Decadent Doggy Dessert Magazine.”  Jenny welcomed her to her shop.  Fluffy continued, “I have come to ask you if you would be interested in participating in a contest we will be having.”  “What kind of contest?” Jenny asked.  “The largest and tastiest pupcake contest.  The winner will receive five thousand dollars and an article in our magazine,” Fluffy said.  Jenny was thinking about the biggest pupcake she had ever made and it was only the size of a dog bowl.  She asked, “How big of a pupcake do I have to bake?”  “Well, you would be competing against another bakery located in Barksdale.  If you can create a one hundred pound pupcake that is tastier than their pupcake you could win,” Fluffy responded.  One hundred pounds was bigger than any pupcake Jenny had ever seen let alone baked, but she was up for the challenge.  “Okay, sounds like fun,” Jenny replied.  “Wooonderful,” Fluffy howled.  “The contest is in one week in the town’s square.  Bring your pupcake and may the best dog win!”  Fluffy exited the shop and Jenny began to think of a plan for her one hundred pound pupcake.  If she was going to do this she would need some help. 

If I ever get published you will get to read how this story ends!  So, I hope you get to.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Publishing

Does anyone out there know the best way to get a book published? I have read the books on how to submit work to publishing companies and to literary agents. I have been trying for two years for someone to take an interest in my work.  Maybe it is not good enough, but I feel like if I am not famous or already published they do not want to work with me. I think I might post a snippet of one of my books to get some advice from my readers! So, stay tuned. Oh, and of course my books star Jenny!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Snacks

My little Jenny has not been feeling very well.  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, Jenny, would you like a snack?

I was looking through the recipe binder and came across this recipe from Bunny Roo Beagle.  These looks good. 
We will give these a try.

Here are the ingredients the recipe calls for. 

Mix all ingredients together to form a dough. 

Roll into balls and place on a cookie sheet.
Smash down with a fork. 

Bake for 20 minutes.
"I always have to wait." 

Let cool before serving...or blow on it and give it to her anyway.
"Yes, I like that idea!" 

Here is a little piece to try. 


For the full recipe, check out the Bunny Roo Beagle website and get the recipe for
Harvest Oat and Apple Cookies!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pill Pockets

This is all the medicine that Jenny has to take these days.

"I don't like to take medicine." 

I know, Jenny.
  It has been a struggle trying to get her to take it.  I tried putting it in cheese, peanut butter, turkey, etc.  She won't even eat those foods now because she associates them with medicine.  A lady I work with heard me talk about this problem and one day she brought me a package of these, Greenies Pill Pockets.  Wasn't that sweet?  Well, I am so thankful for that kind gesture because now Jenny will take her medicine.  They come in all different flavors.  We have tried peanut butter, duck and pea, chicken, and smoked hickory.  She likes them all.  The duck ones don't smell too great to me, but the others don't smell too bad.  I guess they mask the medicine smell so I am thankful.  Anyway, if you have a doggie who has to take lots of pills and doesn't like to take might want to give these a try! 

"YUM! Treats!"
See she loves them! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Here are a few pictures of Jenny enjoying her Christmas!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

"Hmm...these smell like they belong to me."

"What do you mean, wait?!" 

"Let me see if I can get it." 

"I can't get it." 

"Ooooh, I do like these!" 

"It's sad when all that is left is wrapping paper."