Thursday, September 19, 2013

The couch

When we lived at our old house, Jenny was always allowed to sleep on the couch.  It was her bed.

She loved being on her little blankie on the couch. 

Since we moved to our new house and got new couches we decided to buy Jenny a really nice L.L. Bean bed and not allow her on the couches anymore.  She wasn't too keen on this idea, but she got used to it.  Although, at night when we go to bed we can hear her toenails click down the hardwood floor hallway to our bedroom to make sure we are in bed, then we hear the clickity clack back down the hallway to the living room and then a thud as she jumps on the couch.  She always seems to be back in bed by morning...or when she hears us get up, we hear her jump down and get in bed as if she had been there the whole night.  Sometimes she leaves a blankie on the couch that she had put up there in the night or sometimes she doesn't hear us and gets caught!


1 comment:

  1. I guess Jenny is just as sneaky as her momma was when she was a little girl sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar for her and her brother in the night. Hmmm Love you, Monie